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A Miracle Indeed.

Last night, Manila reclaimed its title as the center of culture, glamour and fun in the country.

Jewelmer’s 35th Anniversary Gala had placed no boundaries and left the audience in awe with its exquisite collection and superb production. It was held at the PICC Plenary Hall.

Our dear friend Jacques Branellec, CEO and Co-funder of Jewelmer but also a fierce helicopter pilot (he owns and operate three AS365 used daily for the transport of the famous Golden Pearls) gave us the chance to attend the event with our team, and enjoy its fabulous work of art.


A Remembrance from 35 golden years.

Celebration began with very thoughtful speeches by its President, Mr. Manuel Cojuangco, who gave a very emotional overview of the last 35 years he and Jewelmer’s team passed developing the finesse and refinement of Filipino’s jewelry.
Mr. Branellec then gave humorous anecdotes about their work and experiences, and brought up his never-ending love of Filipino people after a considerate mention of Typhoon Hayan’s victims and families of Jewelmer’s workers affected by the tragic event.


A show worthy of the greatest productions.

The show was also graced by top personalities who gave out a powerful meaning to showcase the Miracle of the Golden Pearl.

Miss Universe’s 2011 3rd runner up Shamcey Supsup and Miss Universe 2010 4th runner up Venus Raj joined the models. Philippines’ Premier Model and Actress Angel Aquino performed together with Ballet Manila.

The enchanting music by no other than the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra with the University of Santo Tomas singers completed the touch of refinery in the event.

Another highlight of this production was the performance of the Prima Ballerina herself, Lisa Macuja – Elizalde, a real delight to the crowd and our lucky eyes.


A blend of sophistication and luxury.

The collections were as sophisticated as ever, inspired by the elements of Earth, Water and Air in the purest tradition of French Haute Joaillerie, with a touch of Filipino senses.

Gowns, voluptuous and elegant, were created by the talented and well-renowned designer, Rhett Eala.

Wine was overflowing and the crowd enjoyed a sumptuous buffet meal after the show.

This type of event truly encompasses a fusion of different cultures leaving a strong and magnificent message to the people: the Philippines is and will be a destination for Luxurious goods and rich landscapes.



Discover a few pictures taken by us during the event below:


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